Depression, anxiety, fatigue, a sudden inability to manage stress, can erode your quality of life. At Healthy Thoughts Counseling we help guide you toward engaging in LIFE again. In some cases a brain injury can be a precipitating factor to the feelings of emotional disconnection. Brain injuries occur from a blunt trauma to the brain or stroke,residual damage can also occur with the occurrence of frequent severe migraines. Our services are not limited to Brain Injury, we provide marital/relationship counseling. We help you rebuild communication skills necessary to keep the relationship alive. At Healthy Thoughts Counseling & Consultation we provide mental health services to individuals and their families struggling to overcome the challenges presented in one's life. A few of these areas include symptoms related to brain injury, grieving/loss, depression, OCD, anxiety, and impulse control. I encourage clients and their family members to take an active part in in their healing journey. Our practice utilizes a variety of mental health theories,to help you achieve success.
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Congratulations on taking your first step toward healing, understanding, and setting goals for a successful future. When working with a counselor/therapist it is important that the client and counselor/therapist communicate well together. Sometimes this will require more than one visit. Therapy is not always a joyous occasion, remember you initiated therapy for the purpose moving forward in your life, letting go of painful memories, modify behaviors, or perhaps learn a healthier communication style. Therapy is an evolutionary process, years of dysfunctional behavior will not be solved in one or two sessions. Healthy Thoughts Counseling & Consultation, LLC provides counseling, assessments, and EAP services to Individuals, couples, and families. My approach to therapy is eclectic, in other words, I will utilize many approaches to meet your needs, Not, conform to one methodology. If you sense that life could be more satisfying than it is. That you could feel better about yourself, less stressed and more easily able to utilize your potential, and reach the goals you set for yourself. Our services could be for you. If you'd like to feel more effective, and comfortable, in your relationships. If you want to stop repeating non-productive patterns with your mate, children, parents, co-workers or friends. If you want to be better at communicating, and resolving conflicts, then you might want to consider using our services. If current stresses are getting you down. If you find yourself anxious or depressed, in a rut at work or school, having trouble concentrating or sleeping, fighting with your family, not taking care of yourself physically, and generally under the weather. Come see us at Healthy Thoughts Counseling, LLC.
“We help guide you toward engaging in LIFE!”
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Are you LIVING or just EXISTING?
Do you know if you have had a brain injury?  Have you experienced whiplash?  Have you had a headache that lasted several days?  Consult your Doctor. You may have experienced a brain injury.
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