Healthy Thoughts Counseling and Consultation, LLC has a unique approach to brain injury therapy, matching each client with the learning style that meets their needs. My plus one therapy approach ( with client and/or guardian consent) permits a specific caregiver to attend and learn how cognitive and behavioral reinforcement will benefit the client. I encourage clients and caregivers to embrace the importance of respect, strength, and understanding as a means of enhancing their journey toward Healthy Thoughts. Caregivers, partners, spouse, and family members are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic process, learning the path that meets the needs of who their loved one is now. Healthy Thoughts Counseling and Consultation, LLC services are not limited to brain injury. Please refer to our services page for a comprehensive list.
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Congratulations on taking your first step toward healing, understanding, and setting goals for a successful future. When working with a counselor/therapist it is important that the client and counselor/therapist communicate well together. Sometimes this will require more than one visit. Therapy is not always a joyous occasion, remember you initiated therapy for the purpose moving forward in your life, letting go of painful memories, modify behaviors, or perhaps learn a healthier communication style. Therapy is an evolutionary process, years of dysfunctional behavior will not be solved in one or two sessions. Healthy Thoughts Counseling & Consultation, LLC provides counseling, assessments, and EAP services to Individuals, couples, and families. My approach to therapy is eclectic, in other words, I will utilize many approaches to meet your needs, Not, conform to one methodology.
“Healing thoughts heal the soul, heal the body, heal the brain.”
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Meet the newest member to Healthy Thoughts Counseling & Consultation, LLC team, Majeek a Blue Pomeranian. She is a small breed, with a party mix of Blue Grey and White Fur. Both her parents were pure bread. Pomeranians are very empathic, flexible, sensitive to changing moods in the moment. These behaviors are in part why I chose this breed.
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