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Financial Policies
Margaret Browning, MSP, LMHC 218 E. 38th St. Vancouver, Washington 98663 Phone: 360-695-0430
When completing counseling services, continuity is vital to success. Frequent cancellations or failing to schedule appointments can lead to delays between therapy sessions that may impede progress. As a mental health service provider, I try to assist in finding suitable times for us to meet for sessions. Our success is a joint effort; therefore, your cooperation in keeping appointments is critical to your success. To schedule appointments, please call 360-695-0430. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice for changes or cancellations of appointments. If you do not cancel with a minimum of 48 hours, the patient is responsible for fees accrued. If you are late for an appointment, the appointment will still end at the scheduled time. If you cancel or do not show up for two consecutive appointments, you will receive notice that your session time may be made available to other patients. In this case, call the clinic to schedule a time suitable for you. Financial Policy Session fees are based on a clinical hour, which is defined by insurance providers as 45-60 minutes direct with the counselor or professional. In some cases, sessions are 90 minutes. All payments, including insurance co-payments, plan deductibles are due at the time of the appointment unless prior arrangements have been made with the therapist. If you, the patient, fail to appear for an appointment without a 48-hour notice of cancellation, the full appointment fees of $195.00 will be charged to me and I will be responsible for payment. You understand that if your EAP plan does not cover for late cancellation or No Shows, that you are responsible for the late cancellation/No Show/lack of 48 Hour notice of full session fee of $195.00. Subject to change.
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