Healthy Thoughts Counseling and Consultation clinicians are licensed in Oregon and Washington, specialists in the area of TBI, ABI, and behavioral and cognitive distortions that are a risk to self and community. My practice has accumulated 15 years of experience in the field of mental health profession, helping individuals and families build new memories from traumatic events. Margaret Browning has helped individuals and families learn to experience their world through a different perspective, whether they are recovering from a brain injury or a traumatic event in their life. Margaret prefers an eclectic approach toward mental health, utilizing the best modality that meets the client's needs, and one that is easily understood.
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“Identifying a weakness is but a map to a success”
Margaret Browning, MSP, LMHC 218 E. 38th St. Vancouver, Washington 98663 Phone: 360-695-0430
LMHC# LH60365007
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