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Legal Proceedings
Margaret Browning, MSP, LMHC 218 E. 38th St. Vancouver, Washington 98663 Phone: 360-695-0430
LMHC# LH60365007
All Legal Proceedings Related to Divorce, Lawsuits, Expert Witness Testimony or Pending Litigation At the inception or consultation phase of therapy I will advise you that I do not participate in legal related matters. This compromises the integrity of therapy. It is very disruptive and upsetting to myself as I am not trained to give testimony in above referenced matters. If you are seeking therapy for supported testimony to your legal matters I will not be a good fit. As is often the case seeking counseling services to support a legal matter as recommended by an attorney I recommend alternate options be explored e.g. Consider a Court Authorized Assessment Referral. Often my malpractice insurance will not accept payment responsibility for legal demands under the above circumstances that incite conflict of interest or testimony is beyond my current training or prevue. If my statement will be mandated by court ordered subpoena signed by presiding Judge, a legal retainer fee for presence and consult of proceedings in the amount of $15, 000, preparation hours will equate to two weeks, 80 hours preparation time at a rate of 200.00 per hour, travel expenses to and from designated address for testimony, and billable hours while present for testimony, inclusive of travel time at a rate of 200.00 per hour. All fees must be paid two weeks in advance in form of cashier check submitted to my office.
Legal Proceedings